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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news in montgomery county tonight, where police are investigating a deadly crash. it happened just before 10:00 tonight on mount ephraim road in the dickerson area of the county. police tell us when they arrived on the scene the car was fully engulfed in flames and the driver was dead. no one else was inside the car. the crash also brought down power lines. we have a crew on the scene, and we'll have the latest on this breaking story tomorrow morning on news 4 today. good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. craig has the night off 37 d.c.'s adams morgan neighborhood has long been a center of nightlife especially for the city's young people. but recently community leaders have voiced concerns that the neighborhood is out of control, essentially a free-for-all of drinking, partying, and fighting. they say it's too much for police to handle. darcy spencer spent last night on the streets of adams morgan and joins us now live with what she found. darcy? >> reporter: well, jim, adams
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morgan is certainly known for all the nightlife. but we have to keep in mind this is a residential area as well and some residents have told me after midnight they are afraid to go out of their homes because of these crowds and a sense of lawlessness. >> back up! move. move. let's go! >> reporter: this is a typical saturday night in adams morgan, when the narrow sidewalks are so jammed people walk in the street. >> let's go. let's go. let's go. let's go. >> reporter: adams morgan has become a party destination for young people looking for a night out, where some say anything goes. >> i mean, it might be some people acting up, getting wild, but it's adams morgan. what can you ask for? >> you know, sometimes you see people that want to fight. you see people that, you know, just loiter, stand around and don't have anything to do. >> reporter: critics say the crowds packing the strip of bars and restaurants on 18th street northwest have gotten out of control. >> shoes get stepped on or
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shoulders get bumped and that's all it takes to start a scuffle or a fight. >> reporter: residents here estimate that thousands of people come to adams morgan on the weekends and there aren't enough police to handle those fights or the large crowds that pour into the streets at closing time. >> the police have created an environment where adams morgan's the place you go to do anything you want all through the night. >> reporter: from midnight until 4:00 a.m. we were on 18th street to see what it's really like. we counted three arrests. two men were taken into custody following a fight around 2:30 in the morning. many told us it's all part of the nightlife here. >> first of all, there's a lot of guys, and they're always trying to grab you and you've got to keep running. second of all, the police just go crazy because there's too many people out here. >> reporter: police chief cathy lanier has told community leaders in e-mails that she's aware of the issues and she's working to get more resources in adams morgan. but those leaders are tired of waiting. >> if it means that they want the residents to start a neighborhood watch, we'll do that. if they want more cooperation in
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other ways, we're willing to do it. and we're just asking them to do, you know, what they can to help us out. >> reporter: the guardian angels have begun weekend patrols here at the request of several business owners. reporting live from adams morgan, darcy spencer, news 4. jim, back to you. >> all right. a lot of folks waiting for a calm monday. two people dead, dozens more hurt after a tour bus crash in new york. and news 4 has now learned that the bus trip began in d.c. this morning. it happened late this afternoon in avoca, new york. investigators tell us it appears a tire blowout may have caused the driver to lose control. there's no word on who the victims are, but we are told the bus was headed for niagara falls from washington. the 35 people who were injured were taken to area hospitals. there's no word tonight on their conditions. the growing fallout from britain's phone hacking scandal gained new momentum today, claiming two major figures,
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including scotland yard's top cop. the head of the london police department, sir paul stevenson, resigned today. he quit under intense pressure after it was revealed that scotland yard hired a former "news of the world" editor as a media consultant. that editor has been arrested in connection with the scandal. >> i have had suggestions that we must have suspected the alleged involvement of mr. wallace in phone hacking. let me say unequivocally that i did not and have no reason to do so. >> also today, former "news of the world" editorial rebekah brooks was arrested. she denies knowing anything about the scandal. a parliamentary committee hearing on the phone-hacking scandal is set for this tuesday. casey anthony may be a free woman tonight, but many questions linger about what's next for the florida mother found not guilty of killing her 2-year-old daughter. anthony said nothing and showed little emotion as she walked out
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of jail just after midnight amid tight security. her whereabouts tonight are not known, and her attorneys hope to keep it that way. she's received several death threats. she is also facing two civil lawsuits that could cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars. carmageddon is officially over out west. it's a sight we didn't expect to see until tomorrow. traffic moving on the 405 freeway in california. drivers honked their horns and waved as it reopened this afternoon, 16 hours ahead of schedule. fears of massive traffic gridlock never materialized as crews shut down a ten-mile stretch of the freeway. the mayor of los angeles declared mission accomplished and thanked drivers for heeding warnings and staying off the roads. well, triple-digit temperatures, severe storms, and tropical storm bret. there's not a whole lot of good news coming from our weather center tonight. chuck bell joins us now with your workweek forecast. chuck? >> you're right about that, jim.
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we have a little bit of everything in the forecast. a fairly mild night out there for now. but that's just a leading indicator of the very intense heat that is headed our way for the middle and later parts of the week. so enjoy the mild weather while we can. record or not, it's going to be hot around here by the end of the week. on the left-hand column thursday, friday, saturday, sunday those are the numbers i'm forecasting for high temperatures, and not a single one of them is a record. records this time. year are generally well above the 100 degree mark. only sunday will be all that close. we're going to be keeping an eye on tropical storm bret, currently sitting over the bahamas, not expected to be a threat to the u.s. mainland, but nonetheless it does bear watching. it is one wild card which could potentially, if it were to come back close enough to the west, keep us down out of the triple digits. so something a little bit to keep an eye on. we'll give you all the details of the forecast coming up in a couple more minutes. jim? >> thank you, chuck. the medical team overseeing hosni mubarak is putting to rest rumors tonight that the ousted egyptian president suffered a stroke or is in a coma. doctors say mubarak had low
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blood pressure and felt dizzy but is now in stable condition. the 83-year-old has been hospitalized since april for heart trouble. he is also under arrest on charges he ordered the killing of protesters during egypt's uprising. there are now just 16 days for lawmakers to come up with a plan to prevent the nation from reaching its debt limit. and there is no resolution in sight. brian mooar has a look now at some of the options on the table and what lawmakers will be voting on this week in washington as they work toward a compromise. >> reporter: while president obama tries to find the middle ground on raising the nation's debt limit, republicans are coming up with their own competing plans on how to solve the immediate crisis and chip away at the nation's long-term spending problems. the white house is holding out hope. >> i think the minimum is i believe the debt will be extended. i think notwithstanding the voices of a few who are willing to play with armageddon.
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>> reporter: that's despite a week of contentious negotiations that went nowhere. many on both sides of the aisle are betting on a plan forwarded by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> majority leader harry reid and mitch mcconnell are working on an approach which will avoid this terrible deadline of august 2nd and a default which would drive up interest rates and really hurt our economy. >> reporter: but like any compromise, there are plenty of critics. >> i'm telling you, house conservative members, members of the republican senate, they're not going to support the mcconnell plan. i'm not going to support the mcconnell plan. >> it's a great political plan. it takes the pressure off all the politicians but allows us to pass a debt limit without making the hard choices that this country has to make. >> reporter: oklahoma senator tom coburn is about to introduce the most ambitious plan yet. targeting some $9 trillion in cuts and a trillion dollars in tax reform revenue. tea party republicans will get a vote on a package that includes a balanced budget amendment.
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it apparently will not pass but could clear the path to a compromise. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. we're following several other big stories in the week ahead. the shuttle "atlantis" will return home this week for the final time. the shuttle will undock from the international space station tuesday. it's scheduled to return to kennedy space center thursday, where it will then go on permanent display. it is the final mission for nasa's shuttle program. on tuesday the loudon county board of supervisors will weigh in on the latest cost-cutting proposal regarding the dulles metro rail project. for weeks now they've been meeting with all of the funding partners to figure out how to trim the multimillion-dollar price tag. the latest proposal they're considering was brokered by u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood. and did you see it? the u.s. women's soccer team will be returning stateside after today's nail-biter of a world cup final match. the final came down to penalty
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kicks, with japan winning. despite the loss, it will be a hero's welcome for the team that became an overnight sensation worldwide after beating brazil in the quarterfinals. when we come right back on news 4 at 11:00 tonight, the end of an era for one of the most successful series of all time. a look at the kids tonight who grew up alongside harry potter and can't remember a time without him. what today's youth have learned about the boy wizard. plus, they sure didn't pack light. the extra junk that the "atlantis" crew is lugging around with them up in space. and toasting the city where a summer drink was born. washington gets recognized for its place in cocktail history. hakem? coming up tonight on "sports final," missed opportunities doom the u.s. women in the world cup final. and we're talking redskins and possible free agent options for the team in our round table. plus, an ex-hockey star makes
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a 3-year-old girl is back with her mother tonight after her kidnapping sparked an amber alert. her father has been arrested for her abduction. police say george henry washington met the girl and her mother at a park on woodyard road in clinton this afternoon. he allegedly made threats against the child's life and then took off with her, prompting police to issue that amber alert. washington spotted the alert and dropped the child off with relatives before his arrest. the harry potter movies have been around for more than a decade now. and this weekend's big finale has been shattering box office records. for many people who grew up with harry it feels like it's an end to their childhood. nbc's lester holt has more on the children who can't remember life without harry potter. >> like we started. together. >> reporter: this weekend
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millions of americans flocked to theaters to see harry potter and his friends wage their final battle against the evil lord voldemo voldemort. as the coming-of-age story about the boy wizard with the lightning bolt scar -- >> you're a wizard, harry. >> i'm a what? >> reporter: -- came to an end. for more than a decade we've watched as harry, ron, and hermione grew up, their characters facing challenges and slowly letting go of their childhood. >> oh, my god. i feel like i'm going to be sick. i tell you. >> reporter: while the young stars who played them literally became adults before our eyes. >> the characters are maturing. they're reaching a point of adulthood where they can understand things about good and evil, things about death and loss, that they were not able to understand before. and i think that the audience has matured along with them. >> reporter: it's been 14 years since j.k. rowling's books first captivated kids all over the
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globe and spawned a $6 billion movie franchise that became the cultural touchstone for an entire generation, who waited in line for every new book. or stayed up past their bedtimes for a midnight movie opening. >> the quidditch part was my favorite part of the movie. it was awesome. >> the last part was scary a little bit to me, with voldemort. >> reporter: and for those fans, now green up, a chapter is closing for them too. >> this is the end of my childhood. >> basically, harry potter has been my life for the past 12 years. >> reporter: so this weekend they packed theaters one last time to say good-bye to a world of magic -- >> we love harry potter! >> i can live forever. >> reporter: and just like harry bid farewell to a piece of their childhood. >> that was lester holt reporting.
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the harry potter finale took in 168 million bucks over the weekend. it was pretty warm out there, chuck. >> no kidding. a lot of lines, but the movie theater, that's a great place to go. you can buy your tickets now for days in advance. so you can avoid -- >> again and again and again. >> you can maybe go watch part 1 tomorrow and then 2. we've got a week's worth of hot weather coming up. get all the movie tickets in advance that you can because man, oh man, is it going to be hot around here for most if not all of the upcoming week. right now, though, on a gorgeous sunday night the perfect end to what has been a really nice weekend around washington. two weekends in a row with high temperatures below average. friday, saturday, and sunday. boy, that won't be the case next weekend. the early lean already for next weekend is temperatures up close to 100 degrees. ouch. for now, though, a very quiet
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sunday night here in washington. 80 degrees our current temperature. the old dew point creep, though, has been going on all day today. dew point temperatures were in the low 60s this morning. we're back into the upper 60s now. relative humidity 67%. a light southwesterly wind at nine miles per hour. temperatures now back into the mid and upper 70s across much of northern virginia. mid to upper 70s across much of suburban maryland. still near 80 in town and alongside the bay. 75 now in frederick, one of the cooler spots. also winchester at 75 degrees. as you make your plans to endure a monday, the sunshine will be back tomorrow. mid 70s when you go out to work. mid 80s at lunchtime. and low 90s as you come home and get ready for dinner-time tomorrow. expect a very warm day tomorrow. here's a look at the satellite picture over the last 12 hours. not much in the way of cloud cover around here for today. there have been a few showers and thunderstorms way down to our south and southwest. that's where they're going to stay for the remainder of the hour as they continue to fade away. here's what's going to happen over the next 48 hours, though. this little weather front well
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back up to our fort worth and west is going to be moving our way. it will arrive here late monday night into early tuesday morning. so tomorrow, this is at noon on monday, hot. lots of sunshine tomorrow. temperatures low to mid 90s around the area. then as we get into the day on tuesday, this is 2:00 tuesday morning. so late monday night into early tuesday. that's when i think the front is going to make its closest run into the washington area. and it will sort of hang out. by 2:30 tuesday afternoon the front just about on top of us. it will act as a focusing mechanism for thunderstorm development again on tuesday afternoon. so we're actually going to have two chances for rain on tuesday. one in the early predawn hours and then another chance mid to late afternoon with the heating of the day. once that front goes by, though, get ready for the real heat to move into the area. upper 90s to near 100 to finish the week out. so on monday morning clear but hazy and humid outside. wake-up temperatures 65 to 73. sun's up at 5:57. then tomorrow afternoon hazy sunshine, heat and humidity,
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code orange on the air quality. a lot of very bad air quality coming our way for later on in the week. if you're going out to the bay tomorrow, do a little swimming, splashing or sailing, great weather tomorrow. highs up near 90 degrees. there will be a risk of thunderstorms on the bay coming up on tuesday. if you're going down to the ocean, ocean water temperature now 71. air temperature highs tomorrow 88. and then 85 coming up on tuesday. and here's our all-important week-long forecast. 92 tomorrow. 92 on tuesday. wednesday 95. thursday 99. that wouldn't be a record. 100 friday. still not a record. 100 saturday with a little chance for your showers. that might lead to a big cooldown of only 95 degrees on sunday. anytime you need to follow the forecast you can follow me on twitter@chuckbell4. come to our website. still to come, a sunday stroll for the first family, following in the footsteps of presidents past. and coming
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oh, it was a heartbreaker, hakem. >> it was a heartbreaker. and a lot of people were talking about the heartbreaker. tons and tons of people, maybe millions of people tweeting about this after the game. it was great to see all of the support for team usa today at the world cup. and you know, everybody and their mother watched the world cup final today between the u.s. and japan, including president obama, who watched with the first lady and his two daughters. we all witnessed the heartbreak for the u.s. and the jubilation for japan. before today the united states had never lost to japan. we're in frankfurt, germany. and the united states and japan sharing some pregame pleasantries here. tied at 1 in extra time. alex morgan, who came in in the second half with the ball here, sends it into the box fora abby wambach, and she heads it in. wambach coming up clutch. u.s. takes a 2-1 lead. her 13th career world cup goal. most in u.s. history. however, japan would later tie the game at 2. so we go to penalty kicks.
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hope solo needs to make this save to keep the u.s. alive. saiki kumagai trips past the u.s. to win its first world cup championship. abby wambach shaking hands with the japan players. we'll hear from the u.s. women coming up tonight on "sports final." to baseball now, nats against the braves, top three, nats trail 2-0. pitcher tom gorzelanny on first. roger bernardina drives gurgens's pitch to right. gorzelanny hustling around the bases. he's going to try to score here. here comes the relay. gorzelanny crashes into brian mccann. the ball gets loose. gorzelanny scores. so does bernardina. gorzelanny twists his right ankle. listed as day to day. freddy freeman on with two on two, outs. facing matthews. rips one to right. here comes prado. that scores the game-winning run the braves beat the nats on a walk-off single 9-8. the nats are in houston tomorrow. in baltimore buck showalter
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and the orioles trying to win two in a row against the indians. top of the first cleveland strikes first. travis hafner facing mitch atkins. fastball right over the middle of the plate. that's out and gone to right for a solo home run. indians up 1-0. very next batter, carlos santana jumps on a fastball, drives it deep to right. that's a fair ball. back-to-back homers. the indians go up 3-0 in the first inning. bottom five we go, os trail 3-1, until this. robert andino up with two on and he gets a hold of this one. michael brantley, though, tracking it. get out, ball. get out. and it just gets out for a three-run home run. andino finished with four rbis. the os beat the indians 8-3 the final. they take on the red sox tomorrow. all right. coming up on "sports final" at 11:35, reaction from the u.s. women's national soccer team. at the british open darren clarke holds off a few americans to win his first major championship, then celebrates way drink. plus mike wise of the "washington post" and 106.7 the fan joins us to talk world cup
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and what the redskins will do after the lockout is over. that's all coming up on "sports final" in about ten minutes. >> lots to talk about tonight. >> a lot gf stuff. >> we'll see you then. >> yep. coming up next a dedication coming[ man ] i gotdication this new citi thankyou card
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the president and first lady and daughters sasha and malia spent their sunday at church this morning. the first family attended a morning service at the historic st. john's church in lafayette park. the obamas made the short trip to and from the white house on foot. the president also attended services there on the weekend of his inauguration. it has been visited by every
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president since james madison. well, this next story is definitely one to toast to. tonight a drink created in our nation's capital got special recognition. a commemorative plaque went up at the marriott on pennsylvania avenue in honor of the ricky. the cocktail was first poured here in the 1880s and is now making a big comeback. it's a mix of gin or bourbon or whiskey, lime, sparkling mineral water, and crushed ice. it is now d.c.'s official cocktail. if you think that sounds tasty, there's some good news. july 2011 is now proclaimed ricky month. and august will be hangover month. there were a lot of barks and bubbles in alexandria today. hundreds of pooches pawed their way to dogtopia for a charity dog wash. five cities in northern virginia hosted pampering events to benefit local canine service units. after the break, you'll never believe
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as we mentioned earlier, the shuttle "atlantis" is spending its last few days up in outer space, and what you might not know is that there's all sorts of very unusual stuff aboard for
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the final flight of the shuttle program. according to, there are more than 22,000 flags on board from all over the world, a printed recipe courtesy of the kitchen crew down at the kennedy space center in florida, a cd that contains the name of every tulane university graduate from 1900 to 2007, 200 snoopy pins, and more than 10,000 mission patches. i get the patches. i'm not getting the snoopy pins. i get there's some inside story. that's our broadcast for tonight. we thank you for having us in. if you want less, you can always have less. but i like having a lot more a lot more than having a lot less. and the more more i have, the more i like having more. and that's exactly what i get at embassy suites. more post-meeting celebrations, more complimentary drinks, more for my money... mmm, more bar snacks. ♪
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